Coffins & Caskets

The coffins and caskets shown here are just a small selection of the choices available.


As well as our traditional coffins we offer many alternative ranges such as willow, bamboo & seagrass, along with colourful coffins and American caskets.


We have a dedicated coffin showroom at our St Georges funeral home, or you may wish to make your selection from our tailored brochures.


Our traditional range consists of veneered or solid wood coffins in a variety of different finishes.


Our range of British and American caskets are available in solid wood, 16 – 20oz gauge steel or 32oz bronze and are available to order from any of our branches.

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A wide range of ashes caskets, urns and scatter tubes are available either from stock or by special order.

We have a large range of environmentally friendly or green coffins available. Handmade willow, bamboo, seagrass, banana leaf or cardboard coffins are all accepted by traditional or green burial sites. However some restrictions may apply at crematoriums.


Environmentally Friendly

All of the above coffin ranges are available for either baby or infant funerals.

Babies and Infant Caskets

Colourful coffins are a relatively new concept and consist of a simple coffin wrapped in a film which has been individually printed with an existing design or a bespoke design of the family’s choice.